THE POSTMISTRESS by Sarah Blake, (c) 2011. This novel about three women and it takes place in 1940 and Iris James is the postmistress for the coastal town of Franklin, Massachusetts. She’s a single 40 year old woman. She’s also a virgin and even went to the doctor for an exam as proof and had him put it into writing. She seems interested in one Harry Vale, who watches for U-boats during this war time period novel. He has an interest in her also, he gives her a coffee mug in the beginning of the story.Iris does everything by the book with her postmistress job which she takes very seriously until one day she slips a letter into her pocket, reads it and doesn’t deliver it. Along the way we meet Dr. Frisk who examined Iris and his new wife Emma Trask Frisk whom Iris befriends when she first moves into her hometown. We also meet Frankie Bard an American radio broadcaster who works in London and reports war news to the USA.

NOTE: I must admit I didn’t enjoy the beginning of the book but have since found a liking for the characters.


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