AMAZING GRACIE by Sherryl Woods

AMAZING GRACIE by Sherryl Woods, (c) 1998. Here’s another typical Sherryl Woods romance novel. Meet Gracie MacDougal an American workaholic who helps to run a string of hotels in France. She gets fed up with her new boss and quits, then she ends up vacationing in Seagull Point, Virginia where she meets Kevin Daniels her love interest from whom she is trying to buy an old Victorian house to convert into a bed and breakfast. It’s well written as are all of Sherryl Woods romances.


THE POSTMISTRESS by Sarah Blake, (c) 2011. This novel about three women and it takes place in 1940 and Iris James is the postmistress for the coastal town of Franklin, Massachusetts. She’s a single 40 year old woman. She’s also a virgin and even went to the doctor for an exam as proof and had him put it into writing. She seems interested in one Harry Vale, who watches for U-boats during this war time period novel. He has an interest in her also, he gives her a coffee mug in the beginning of the story.Iris does everything by the book with her postmistress job which she takes very seriously until one day she slips a letter into her pocket, reads it and doesn’t deliver it. Along the way we meet Dr. Frisk who examined Iris and his new wife Emma Trask Frisk whom Iris befriends when she first moves into her hometown. We also meet Frankie Bard an American radio broadcaster who works in London and reports war news to the USA.

NOTE: I must admit I didn’t enjoy the beginning of the book but have since found a liking for the characters.

ONE WEEK IN DECEMBER by Holly Chamberlin

ONE WEEK IN DECEMBER by Holly Chamberlin, (c) 2009. I went to my favorite book sale last weekend and I bought a dozen trade paperbacks, plus about 10 regular ones. This book is the first one I’ve read so far. I had actually put aside my book reading and took up the Smithsonian Magazine for over a week.

ONE WEEK IN DECEMBER is a family drama. Becca is 32 years old andf she’s returned to her parents home in Maine to finally announce to her niece that she is really her mother. She was coerced into letting her older brother adopt Rain who is now 16 herself. Of course she announces her intentions to the family before she tells Rain and this has upset everyone involved. It’s proving to be an interesting story! I am enjoying it quite a lot!


THE MEN OF MEDICINE RIDGE by Diana Palmer, (c) 2004.  Here I am on page 104 before I notice this is a double novel. This is a Harlequin  Books publication, I had no idea.  So I’m reading along. The first story is one of those virgin and sexy male, are wrought with sexual tension. Lots of foreplay and no action so far! What do you expect from Harlequin anyway? Ha! It’s just a lot of the “same old, same old: when it come to romance novels. The first story is titled THE WEDDING IN WHITE, the second is titled CIRCLE OF GOLD. The setting is in Medicine Ridge Ranch for the first one. It involved a beautiful, virginal orphan ready to graduate from college, and the sexy, manly,  unmarried, confirmed bachelor who’s also a one eyed older man she grew up with. (Hee hee).

CIRCLE OF GOLD is another cowboy story for us to enjoy.. Oh well..