CALEB’S CROSSING by Geraldine Brooks

CALEB’S CROSSING by Geraldine Brooks, (c) 2012. I admit I am drawn to read stories that take place in colonial America. I am a descendant of more colonial families than I have researched. I especially love stories that take place where my own ancestors settled after crossing the ocean, such as New York City and other New York Counties, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the ones who came a little later in the 1700’s who settled in or migrated to several counties Pennsylvania.

CALEB’S CROSSING is a factual  historical novel filled with a lot of artistic license of one great writer, who  was born and raised in Australia and lives on Martha’s Vineyard where the story takes place.

Caleb is the young son of a Wampanoag chieftain and he befriends 12 year old Bethia Mayfield who is the daughter of a Purtian Calvinist minister. They forged a secret bond  that draws them into each others’ world. Bethia’s father tries to covert Caleb to Calvinism and eventually he becomes the first Native American graduate of Harvard. Hewas quite the scholar.

Bethia and her family are living on Martha’s Vineyard in the 1660’s where we are introduced to 15 year old Bethia as she is taking care of her baby sister since her mother died of child-bed fever. She also takes care of the hearth and home in her mother’s place. I do enjoy this book so far and hope you will also.



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