SARA’S SONG by Fern Michaels

SARA’S SONG by Fern Michaels, (c) 1998. I wasn’t sure if I could relate to a story about a rock star and a doctor romance, if you want to call it that.. A romance that is. There seems to be something wrong with Dallas Lord, a 38 year old rock star. When he was a child (age 7) he fell out of a tree and probably should have gone to the hospital for x-rays but his 10 year old brother thought he was fine and never told anyway. Guilt caused lawyer Adam Lord to take charge of his brother’s finances after he started the CANYON RIVER BAND.

After Doug Lord’s best friend and band mate Billy Sweet has a heart attack he meets a doctor Sara Killian, and after Billy dies in the hospital Dallas invites Sara to his estate where they have become good friends. Sara think Dallas has a problem with illiteracy at first. He can’t really read or manage his own finances. Now his brother Adam quit working for Dallas and he’s at a loss and panics. His old lover comes back and bilks him out of money. She asked for $25,000.00 but Dallas offers $100,000.00 which she greedily takes.

Meanwhile I guess Dallas writes Sara a song and then some tragedy happens to Dallas. According to the book blurb on the back cover: “But before he disappeared, Dallas gives Sara a love song written just for her. It’s a legacy that will take Sara places she’s never dreamed of– Into intrigue, betrayal and deadly danger. And when she meets Adam Lord, Dallas’s older brother, she will find herself torn–between Adam, the most attractive and complicated man she’s ever known, and Dallas, the man her heart won’t let her forget.”



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