AFTER TEX by Sherryl Woods

AFTER TEX by Sherryl Woods, (c) 1999/2013. This story was a nice, yet predictable read. We all know love will triumph in the end in a Sherryl Woods story. This one involves Megan O’Rourke who’s head of a media empire in New York City.  After her grandfather Tex O’Rourke passes away Megan is called home for the first time in 5 years. (Honestly I can’t ever imagine staying away from my home and a beloved grampa that long even if we didn’t see eye to eye on my lifestyle).

Once Megan arrives home she is greeted by her old love Jake Landers and the fact that she’s now the guardian of her own eight year old aunt! Doesn’t that sound complicated? It seems Tex was lonely after Megan left for New York and got himself involved with a woman of loose morals, whom dumped the child with Tex and took off six months earlier. Well, I think I’ll let you read the book to find out the ending.


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