RUSH HOME ROAD by Lori Lansens

RUSH HOME ROAD by Lori Lansens, (c) 2002. This is a wonderful book! I highly recommend it! I want to read more of her books in the future.This is the story of a poor mixed race Canadian child named Sharla Cody. She’s sadly neglected by her whoring mother and sexually abusive boyfriends. Finally she is abandoned and left to raise by a little old colored lady down the street named Addy Shadd. The story weaves memories of Addy’s life in with the present raising of little Sharla who was never raised to know right from wrong or about being clean. I’m enjoying the book a lot and know you will also. This is the third book I’ve read recently that takes place in Canada. I wonder if the same person didn’t donate a bunch to our old library.

NOTE: I REALLY enjoyed this book! Please read it. It was heartwarming , it was not a real tear jerker, but it made my eyes water a little at the end..


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