I Write in Books! Shame on Me!

I am in the habit of buying used book from flea Markets, yard sales and library book sales. My favorite are Trade paperbacks where I pick up good reads by authors I’ve never heard of. After I’m done reading them I sign my initials and write the word  “LB Good!” . I’ve done this for at least 13 years.

Our small town (900 citizens) has a volunteer run library and my deceased uncle’s wife has seemingly taken over the job since my wonderful mother died 17 months ago. (This is the aunt who wouldn’t talk to me for 30 years for some imagined wrong my mom and I did her, a woman who hold grudges even after an an apology). I work as a Janitor of sorts at the old historic building the library is housed in and  and while I’m cleaning I stop into the library and drop off a pile of used books I’m donating and often check out regular library books. As I said the real good donated paperback have my initials and the word Good! on the first page. About 2 months ago my aunt wrote me a note asking me to stop writing in my books, but I rather enjoy doing it and I wrote a nice note back saying I was sorry she didn’t approve but I enjoy signing my books and would continue to do so. This must have upset her because a few weeks later I came in with my cousin for some book sale books and she just HAD to mention about me writing in the books yet again! My cousin said she LIKED to see my name in a book knowing it was a good read! I thought that was the end of it.

Then last Thursday I dropped off some books in the schools’ break room that was full of library and “Clothes Closet” volunteers, must have been 8 ladies in there. And yet again my aunt mentions my writing in the books I donate, to make me look bad I suppose. I got kind of pissed off this time and I said “I will if I want to!” And I swear I shocked the whole room full of ladies. My aunt asked me to take the books I brought into the next room but I was so upset I just stood in the doorway and mentioned how “There are several donated library books which are written in and sitting on the shelves right now!” Then I said “Some people are just a little too fussy!” meaning her! And she says she’ll just put my books on the book sale shelf instead of entering them in the library as a borrowing book so I just frowned and left in a huff! Later on I asked a few of the volunteers what they thought. One said she didn’t like my writing in the books, she wanted to find out for herself it was good or not. And I said “So YOU’RE the one she’s yelling at me for!” (She happens to be my aunt’s new best friend it seems. Yes auntie will fight to the end now. But I’m not giving in, I’ll continue to do as I please with MY old books!


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