CALEB’S CROSSING by Geraldine Brooks

CALEB’S CROSSING by Geraldine Brooks, (c) 2012. I admit I am drawn to read stories that take place in colonial America. I am a descendant of more colonial families than I have researched. I especially love stories that take place where my own ancestors settled after crossing the ocean, such as New York City and other New York Counties, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the ones who came a little later in the 1700’s who settled in or migrated to several counties Pennsylvania.

CALEB’S CROSSING is a factual  historical novel filled with a lot of artistic license of one great writer, who  was born and raised in Australia and lives on Martha’s Vineyard where the story takes place.

Caleb is the young son of a Wampanoag chieftain and he befriends 12 year old Bethia Mayfield who is the daughter of a Purtian Calvinist minister. They forged a secret bond  that draws them into each others’ world. Bethia’s father tries to covert Caleb to Calvinism and eventually he becomes the first Native American graduate of Harvard. Hewas quite the scholar.

Bethia and her family are living on Martha’s Vineyard in the 1660’s where we are introduced to 15 year old Bethia as she is taking care of her baby sister since her mother died of child-bed fever. She also takes care of the hearth and home in her mother’s place. I do enjoy this book so far and hope you will also.


SECOND TIME’S THE CHARM by Tara Taylor Quinn

SECOND TIME’S THE CHARM by Tara Taylor Quinn, (c) 2013. A HARLEQUIN Super Romance.

This is the story of Jon Swartz a young, single father of a 2 year old boy named Abe. He recently moved to Shelter Valley, Arizona where he meets Lillie Henderson, who is a Child Life Specialist, who helps children with adjustment problems.She was a divorcee who’s newborn died soon after birth.

Jon has a secret past and he has to hide to protect himself and his son Abe. Lillie Henderson It seems they are physically attracted to each other.. and that often leads to love, but they both have some past problems to reveal first.


MOCKINGBIRD A Portrait of Harper Lee by Charles J. Shields

MOCKINGBIRD A Portrait of Harper Lee by Charles J. Shields, (c) 2006. This is an autobiography of Nelle Harper Lee who wrote TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Nelle was quite the nonconformist growing up. I even think she may have been a closet gay woman. I thought she may have had an affair with her high school teacher. Now keep in mind I have a vivid imagination and I certainly can use it, this is just my idea I have no proof! She never dated or married, and kept to herself. She was quite masculine all her life. I admit to being bored in many chapters which I skipped over. I did

I did find out Dill in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD was modeled after Truman Capote her neighbor. Jem was modeled after her brother Edwin, and Atticus Finch was modeled after her father H.C. Lee. She wanted the book to be titled ATTICUS! The publisher wanted it called TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.


MOCKINGBIRD A Portrait of HARPER LEE, (C) 2006/2007. I admit I don’t generally enjoy authorized or unauthorized biographies. I also admit to skipping the Introduction, I just don’t like them as a rule! Other than that I’m enjoying the paperback. This is not a trade paperback even though it’s the same size. I do LOVE the larger Trade paperbacks even though I never read the discussions in the back of the book. I Just enjoy the larger sized book which is easier to keep open on my Book Chair while I eat and read. Meanwhile, I find the book interesting. Nelle Harper Lee is in New York City at the moment (in the book) and it’s been picked up by a movie producer. Meanwhile the story flashbacks to her ancestors and parents early life and her own childhood. Other than that I haven’t much to say.

SARA’S SONG by Fern Michaels

SARA’S SONG by Fern Michaels, (c) 1998. I wasn’t sure if I could relate to a story about a rock star and a doctor romance, if you want to call it that.. A romance that is. There seems to be something wrong with Dallas Lord, a 38 year old rock star. When he was a child (age 7) he fell out of a tree and probably should have gone to the hospital for x-rays but his 10 year old brother thought he was fine and never told anyway. Guilt caused lawyer Adam Lord to take charge of his brother’s finances after he started the CANYON RIVER BAND.

After Doug Lord’s best friend and band mate Billy Sweet has a heart attack he meets a doctor Sara Killian, and after Billy dies in the hospital Dallas invites Sara to his estate where they have become good friends. Sara think Dallas has a problem with illiteracy at first. He can’t really read or manage his own finances. Now his brother Adam quit working for Dallas and he’s at a loss and panics. His old lover comes back and bilks him out of money. She asked for $25,000.00 but Dallas offers $100,000.00 which she greedily takes.

Meanwhile I guess Dallas writes Sara a song and then some tragedy happens to Dallas. According to the book blurb on the back cover: “But before he disappeared, Dallas gives Sara a love song written just for her. It’s a legacy that will take Sara places she’s never dreamed of– Into intrigue, betrayal and deadly danger. And when she meets Adam Lord, Dallas’s older brother, she will find herself torn–between Adam, the most attractive and complicated man she’s ever known, and Dallas, the man her heart won’t let her forget.”


OUT OF THE RAIN by Debbie Macomber

OUT OF THE RAIN by Debbie Macomber, 1986/1993/2011. This is a double novel of two older books Debbie had published. The first story MARRIAGE WANTED is about a wedding planner named Savannah Charles  and her young client’s brother Nash Davenport, a man who is strongly opposed to marriage. Love is in the air…

LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN is about Abbey Carpenter who has a rather predictable life with her boyfriend Logan Fletcher, until the day she meets the exciting Tate Harding. Who will she marry in the end? Good old Logan or handsome Tate?

AFTER TEX by Sherryl Woods

AFTER TEX by Sherryl Woods, (c) 1999/2013. This story was a nice, yet predictable read. We all know love will triumph in the end in a Sherryl Woods story. This one involves Megan O’Rourke who’s head of a media empire in New York City.  After her grandfather Tex O’Rourke passes away Megan is called home for the first time in 5 years. (Honestly I can’t ever imagine staying away from my home and a beloved grampa that long even if we didn’t see eye to eye on my lifestyle).

Once Megan arrives home she is greeted by her old love Jake Landers and the fact that she’s now the guardian of her own eight year old aunt! Doesn’t that sound complicated? It seems Tex was lonely after Megan left for New York and got himself involved with a woman of loose morals, whom dumped the child with Tex and took off six months earlier. Well, I think I’ll let you read the book to find out the ending.