BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE by Addison Fox, (c) 2011. Do people in Alaska say the “F” word more than anyplace else? Sheesh! This is the first romance novel I ever read where the characters used the word “fuck” in all it’s many forms! The main characters used it in everyday language, NOT just when angry like I do, (which is perfectly acceptable in my mind), but like descriptive words like:  “What a fucking joke. You come on to me all night and don’t follow through?”  I guess when the female characters keep saying it in ways I never have I thought it was just too much!  And I’m not a prude. Sorry to get off subject, but I do so easily don’t I?

Okay here’s a young woman from Manhattan, NYC named Sloan McKinley traveling to Alaska to help an old friend Grier, also from Manhattan who’s trying to claim her rightful inheritance but is shunned by a unknown half sister and the entire town. Both of which are not very friendly or nice to Grier. But Sloan comes to help her friend out and they both get caught up in one of the Great Bachelor Competition. The kind you’ve most likely heard about before reality TV made them so obnoxious. Meanwhile freelance writer Sloan writes a story about the competition and helps Grier make friends with the townsfolk. I’m not going to talk about any romances now. This book review is getting too long anyway.

NOTE: Remember this book is interspersed the word “fuck” if that bothers you, don’t read it. It’s also got some hot sex, and maybe you won’t mind that!”


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