FINDING IAN by Stella Cameron

FINDING IAN by Stella Cameron (c) 2001. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book but I did. This is the story of a world renowned family psychologist named Byron Frazer. Just the name “Byron” was enough to make me think “stuffy old fellow”, but I was wrong. 13 years earlier Byron’s wife died after childbirth of a brain aneurysm, and left him with a little infant to raise. Byron instead of being strong and stoic and doing the right thing, gives his son up for adoption. He just couldn’t handle it during his own personal meltdown. Now that his son ‘Matthew Frazer’ is almost 13 his adoptive parents have both died and Byron who has kept tabs on him all these years, wants to follow him to Cornwall England and make sure he’s okay. Once there he feels very paternal towards the grieving boy who has spent the last month living with his adoptive mother’s older sister Muriel. Bryon finds he has a lot in common with his son and wants to raise him, but this upset’s his adoptive mother’s family. Meanwhile Byron is falling in love with Muriel’s niece Jade. Will they live happily every after? I’m not saying.


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