THE GUEST COTTAGE by Nancy Thayer, (c) 2015. I really like this book but it’s an awful lot like a TV movie I saw, about two single parent’s with children who share a house at the beach due to a rental mix up. Of course the parents fell in love…Need I say more? Sorry but you know it’s going to have a happy ending.

THE DAUGHTER’S WALK by Jane Kirkpatrick

THE DAUGHTER’S WALK  by Jane Kirkpatrick (c)1973, 1978, 1984, 2011. As you can see this is an old book. This is a true story about an immigrant Norwegian woman named Helga Estby who walked from Spokane Washington to New York City with her 19 year old daughter Clara in order to raise $10,000.00 to save their farm. Did they raise the money or not? I’m not going to tell you that, but this author has added to the story by having Clara Estby leaving her family to change her name and continue walking alone for 20 years. This all has something to do with women struggling for independence.

I just HAD to look up Helga and Clara Estby online. I was excited to see that Clara Estby and I share a No. 26th Birthday! She was born Nov. 26, 1876. I was born 110 years later! Here’s a photo of them in case you were wondering:

.Helga and Clara Estby

How could that woman have six or seven  children and still be that thin? No wonder why she wanted to walk away from them for a while. The youngest was 2 years old when left on their 7 month journey!


WHILE ANGELS SLEEP  by Judith Kelman(c) 1988. This old suspense novel was a nice change form my usual fare. It was almost like watching a TV suspense movie. A wife and mother of 3 is forced to settle her father’s estate – an artists colony called Thornwood in Massachusetts.  Lots of weird goings on there along with an 11 year old daughter she adopted after marrying the girls father.


BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE by Addison Fox, (c) 2011. Do people in Alaska say the “F” word more than anyplace else? Sheesh! This is the first romance novel I ever read where the characters used the word “fuck” in all it’s many forms! The main characters used it in everyday language, NOT just when angry like I do, (which is perfectly acceptable in my mind), but like descriptive words like:  “What a fucking joke. You come on to me all night and don’t follow through?”  I guess when the female characters keep saying it in ways I never have I thought it was just too much!  And I’m not a prude. Sorry to get off subject, but I do so easily don’t I?

Okay here’s a young woman from Manhattan, NYC named Sloan McKinley traveling to Alaska to help an old friend Grier, also from Manhattan who’s trying to claim her rightful inheritance but is shunned by a unknown half sister and the entire town. Both of which are not very friendly or nice to Grier. But Sloan comes to help her friend out and they both get caught up in one of the Great Bachelor Competition. The kind you’ve most likely heard about before reality TV made them so obnoxious. Meanwhile freelance writer Sloan writes a story about the competition and helps Grier make friends with the townsfolk. I’m not going to talk about any romances now. This book review is getting too long anyway.

NOTE: Remember this book is interspersed the word “fuck” if that bothers you, don’t read it. It’s also got some hot sex, and maybe you won’t mind that!”

THE BIRD ARTIST by Howard Norman

THE BIRD ARTISTS by Howard Norman, (c) 1994. Here’s a discarded library book that’s never been read. I wonder why? Written by a man about a man named Fabian Vas. What kind of name is Vas?  The story takes place in Witless bay,  Newfoundland in 1911. At age twenty Fabian works at a boat yard and sleeps with the beautiful and intelligent Margaret Handle. His parents are trying to marry him off to a distant cousin. One day his father left on a hunting trip and never came back. His lonely mother started an affair with Botho August. BOTHO? Another odd name… At some point Fabian murders Botho, and that is all I know and care to tell anyway.

FINDING IAN by Stella Cameron

FINDING IAN by Stella Cameron (c) 2001. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book but I did. This is the story of a world renowned family psychologist named Byron Frazer. Just the name “Byron” was enough to make me think “stuffy old fellow”, but I was wrong. 13 years earlier Byron’s wife died after childbirth of a brain aneurysm, and left him with a little infant to raise. Byron instead of being strong and stoic and doing the right thing, gives his son up for adoption. He just couldn’t handle it during his own personal meltdown. Now that his son ‘Matthew Frazer’ is almost 13 his adoptive parents have both died and Byron who has kept tabs on him all these years, wants to follow him to Cornwall England and make sure he’s okay. Once there he feels very paternal towards the grieving boy who has spent the last month living with his adoptive mother’s older sister Muriel. Bryon finds he has a lot in common with his son and wants to raise him, but this upset’s his adoptive mother’s family. Meanwhile Byron is falling in love with Muriel’s niece Jade. Will they live happily every after? I’m not saying.

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS by Kathleen Eagle

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS by Kathleen Eagle (c) 2000. Here’s a little Native American tale. It involves a murder mystery on a a Lakota reservation involving the death of an old tribe elder who also owns the Pair A Dice Casino. Old Roy Blue Sky requested someone to come and investigate where all the casino money is going since it’s obviously not making it’s way to the reservation’s coffers. Helen Kitterling gets assigned the case and old Roy hit by  some vehicle and dies. Now she meets up with her old lover Roy’s son Reece Blue Sky with whom she shares a child, a thirteen year old boy named Sidney who Reece doesn’t even know about yet. I’m sure all the hidden truths will come out in the end, after all they uaually do, don’t they? I’m really enjoying the book though.