THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT by Wendy Wax, (c) 2014. This is the story of three woman named Maddie, Avery and Nikki who are involved in a reality show restoring a historic Florida beach front mansion belonging to 61-year-old William Hightower, a Rock and Roll legend known as “William the Wild” Hightower back in the day. Will capitalized on the few drops of Native American blood running through his veins when it came to his music as he dressed up like a Seminole Indian. Now he’s an old timer getting out of drug rehab and no longer a media darling. Will’s son picks him up for the drive down to Florida. Will guards his privacy so a reality show about turning his mansion into a Bed and Breakfast doesn’t thrill him. Maddie, a newly single woman and Will have strained relationships with their children but manage to fall for each other as they work together in the reality show.

I wondered why this story sounded so familiar, and found I read one other book written by Wendy Wax, about the same three women fixing up another mansion in Florida. I read one other book about a movie being filmed in a small town, that this one reminded me of. IN any case this book sounds interesting and so I begin reading it today.


2 thoughts on “THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT by Wendy Wax

  1. It’s interesting how the author has written several books about the same group of women fixing up different mansions. It’s an intriguing plot line to carry across the novels.

    • Yes, it’s an interesting plot line, I did enjoy the book. I have nothing in common with their lifestyle being I live in North Eastern PA. I love visiting the Southern states but don’t travel often.

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