MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie

MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie, (c) 2010. Andromeda “Andie” Miller has been divorced from her first love North Archer for 10 years. He keeps sending her alimony checks which she never cashed. Now that she’s ready to move on and get married again she vists her Ex-husband and dumps all the checks on his desk.  He is obviously still in love with Andie but wants her to be happy even with someone else. Meanwhile he asks for her help in taking care of two children he is now the guardian of. They live in some remote area of southern Ohio in a creepy English castle with a moat that had been shipped piece by piece to America and reassembled in Ohio. It’s said to be haunted, and the kids are really a handful and seem a little strange. The housekeeper resents Andie barging into her situation. Meanwhile Andie is still attracted to her Ex-husband, and he to her as I said. I wonder if they will get back together? This may prove to be a good book by a writer I never heard of.


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