THE WEDNESDAY LETTERS by Jason F. Wright, (c) 2008. I typically can’t stand reading a books comprised of letters, but this one has plenty of regular story lines in between the reading of these letters written by husband to his wife. Jack and Laurel Cooper have died in each other’s arms in heir Bed and Breakfast and their three children have returned for the funeral. Matthew, the oldest seems to have problems with his childless marriage. Samantha is a wannabe actress who ends up being a policewoman in her hometown. Malcolm is the youngest brother who has a temper to match his father’s, he has been on the run and living in Brazil for the past two years after he was involved in a bar fight that got him arrested for  a brutal assault. The fight centered around Rain, the woman he’s loved since high school. For good measure he even punched the lawyer she was engaged to.  He then skipped out on his bail and knows he will be arrested after the funeral. Now they are all together dealing with things that happened in the past. I don’t want to give away the ending, it’s just not my style!


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