THE GOOD DREAM by Donna VanLiere

THE GOOD DREAM by Donna VanLiere (c) 2012. It’s 1950 in a small mountain town in Tennessee.  Sarah Ivory Walker is a 30 year old spinster who’s mother just died leaving her alone in the world and she’s getting lonely so she allows herself to be courted by a lonely widower. Meanwhile a frightened, dirty-faced, little boy keeps stealing vegetables from her backyard garden. Ivory steps out of her comfort zone and is determined to find out where he lives in the hills surrounding the town. I feel bad for the small abused boy. Meanwhile the town is in an uproar over what Ivory is doing since they don’t want her to open up a can of worms, to let secrets stay secret. I’m REALLY enjoying this book! I feel bad for the poor, abused boy and can’t wait to see what happens even though I am rooting for a happy ending.



THE HOUSE ON MERMAID POINT by Wendy Wax, (c) 2014. This is the story of three woman named Maddie, Avery and Nikki who are involved in a reality show restoring a historic Florida beach front mansion belonging to 61-year-old William Hightower, a Rock and Roll legend known as “William the Wild” Hightower back in the day. Will capitalized on the few drops of Native American blood running through his veins when it came to his music as he dressed up like a Seminole Indian. Now he’s an old timer getting out of drug rehab and no longer a media darling. Will’s son picks him up for the drive down to Florida. Will guards his privacy so a reality show about turning his mansion into a Bed and Breakfast doesn’t thrill him. Maddie, a newly single woman and Will have strained relationships with their children but manage to fall for each other as they work together in the reality show.

I wondered why this story sounded so familiar, and found I read one other book written by Wendy Wax, about the same three women fixing up another mansion in Florida. I read one other book about a movie being filmed in a small town, that this one reminded me of. IN any case this book sounds interesting and so I begin reading it today.

MADE IN THE U.S.A. by Billie Letts

MADE IN THE U.S.A. by Billie Letts, (c) 2008. Let me assure you this is a VERY good book! This is a coming of age family drama book, my favorite kind I must say! This is the story of 15 year old Lutie and her 11 year old brother Fate McFee. They are living in Spearfish, South Dakota. Their mother has died and their father, an alcoholic was left them with his live in girlfriend, 300 pound Floy, (short of Florence). The only problem is Floy just dropped dead at the local Walmart and in order to avoid being hauled off by Child Services they steal Floy’s old car and take of for Los Vegas to look for their father. Once there they end up living on the streets in their car. They are having quite an adventure and not all of it good. Sometimes it’s heartbreaking to read, but I highly recommend that you do! I’ll let YOU read the ending yourself. It’s bad manners to give away the ending. I will make sure I read more Billie Lett’s books.

MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie

MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie, (c) 2010. Andromeda “Andie” Miller has been divorced from her first love North Archer for 10 years. He keeps sending her alimony checks which she never cashed. Now that she’s ready to move on and get married again she vists her Ex-husband and dumps all the checks on his desk.  He is obviously still in love with Andie but wants her to be happy even with someone else. Meanwhile he asks for her help in taking care of two children he is now the guardian of. They live in some remote area of southern Ohio in a creepy English castle with a moat that had been shipped piece by piece to America and reassembled in Ohio. It’s said to be haunted, and the kids are really a handful and seem a little strange. The housekeeper resents Andie barging into her situation. Meanwhile Andie is still attracted to her Ex-husband, and he to her as I said. I wonder if they will get back together? This may prove to be a good book by a writer I never heard of.


THE WEDNESDAY LETTERS by Jason F. Wright, (c) 2008. I typically can’t stand reading a books comprised of letters, but this one has plenty of regular story lines in between the reading of these letters written by husband to his wife. Jack and Laurel Cooper have died in each other’s arms in heir Bed and Breakfast and their three children have returned for the funeral. Matthew, the oldest seems to have problems with his childless marriage. Samantha is a wannabe actress who ends up being a policewoman in her hometown. Malcolm is the youngest brother who has a temper to match his father’s, he has been on the run and living in Brazil for the past two years after he was involved in a bar fight that got him arrested for  a brutal assault. The fight centered around Rain, the woman he’s loved since high school. For good measure he even punched the lawyer she was engaged to.  He then skipped out on his bail and knows he will be arrested after the funeral. Now they are all together dealing with things that happened in the past. I don’t want to give away the ending, it’s just not my style!

A COWBOY AT HEART by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

A COWBOY AT HEART, The Amish of Apple Grove series by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith, (C) 2013. I know, I said I hate the Amish stories because they always seemed to deny themselves to permission to be their true selves. One book had an Amish artist and she had to GIVE UP painting because it went against the “ordnung” or Amish rules of order. Well besides all that I have been reading some of these newer books about the Amish anyway just for a change of pace. This one involves an English cowboy and an Amish widow. Usually when this type of thing happens the one must convert to Amish or the Amish leaves the order to become English. I’m not going to tell you what happens.


AN ABUNDANCE OF BLESSINGS, A Home to Heather Creek series book by Carolyne Aarsen. This is another Guideposts novel. Of course it’s a family drama. The book was largely about the 2 granddaughters Charlotte had with her for 2 weeks while their parents- Bill her son and Anna her daughter-in-law went on a vacation. Meanwhile Charlotte is raising her other three older grandchildren with her husband Bob since their daughter died and their father doesn’t want anything to do with them. As you can guess it was a hectic 2 weeks for Charlotte. But I don’t want to give any more of the story away. If you don’t mind God fearing characters you’ll be okay with this one.