BLOSSOM STREET BRIDES by Debbie Macomber, (c) 2014. I’m really enjoying this book. Macomber’s characters are always interesting and I haven’t read one of her books in quite a while. This one involves Lauren Elliot, a thirty-something woman in love with a handsome new anchor. He keeps putting off getting married and I guess it was just too much for Lauren to take. Now she’s gone and met the perfect man and broken off her relationship with her boyfriend Todd.

Newly married Bethanne Scranton has a long distance marriage and her ex-husband Grant keeps trying to sabotage it. But Beth and Max truly love each other so I have no doubt the marriage with last. Meanwhile Bethanne’s going to become a grandmother and has a baby blanket to knit as she meets up weekly with her friend’s in Lydia’s yarn shop called A GOOD YARN.

As for Lydia, she has a happy marriage but her adopted 15 year old daughter is having nightmares, and she doesn’t know what to do about it quite yet.

NOTE: Of course I am enjoying this book!


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