SOUTHERN LIVING by Ad Hudler, (c) 2003. This is a story about a couple of Yankee’s and some Californians adjusting to life a small Southern Town. A MAN wrote this book! I’m telling you though, it’s kind of sexless. Sex is downplayed with the characters so far. Maybe that’s a genteel Southern thing huh? But the characters are something you can warm up to! Margaret Pinaldi grew up with her single workaholic OB-GYN mother in a Georgia town named Selby in the Deep South. (Now why is the words “deep south” capitalized? As a northerner I just don’t get it! Should the word “Northerner” be capitalized also?). As for Margaret, she just moved back to Georgia after her mother died of cancer the year before, so Margaret moved from New York City to her old hometown where she’s enjoying being independent of her mother.

Donna Kabel was a beauty queen in her hometown but she is now recovering from a horrible automobile accident the scarred her pretty face. Now she’s working on reinventing herself at her new produce assistant job in a local Kroger’s.

Suzanne Parley is a wealthy woman married to a fifth generation Selby resident. She can’t have children due to an abnormal uterus, but that doesn’t stop her from pretending she’s pregnant. Meanwhile she gets pampered by her husband during the day and continues to get drunk on Chardonnay in the evening after her husband goes to sleep.

So the three women interact during the story and it makes interesting reading!



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