SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT by Mary Alice Monroe, (c) can’t be found! No Copyright page! Do you believe that? It must have gotten ripped out!

This is a thoroughly delightful book to read. It has a little bit of Peter Pan magic throughout the whole story. Due to “Crazy Wendy” who thinks she’s the Wendy from the Peter Pan novels. There’s a real sense of magic in this book I didn’t think I would enjoy but I AM enjoying it. The story revolves around a formerly abused divorced mother of two 8 year old Maddie and 6 year old Tom, so their mother Faye O’Neil runs away to England with her children to keep her ex-husband from trying to steal her children again. He had earlier punched his own 6 year old son Tom in the face and he refuses to speak now! She had to do something to protect them all so she divorced him and moved to England. She had already landed an advertising job with her former employer. Wendy’s daughter is wanting to sell her home right out from under her mother Crazy Wendy who isn’t crazy at all. The 3 flat Victorian home was already occupied by a handsome American Physicist  named Jack whom Faye is slowly falling in love with, and he with her. The third floor is occupied by Wendy who I won’t call crazy now. Here I am 2/3 the way through the book and I won’t give away anymore of the story.

NOTE: You know how I disapprove of giving away the ending don’t you? Just read this book! I enjoyed Mary Alice Monroe’s other book I read after all!



NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, The Secrets of Blue Hill Library Series by Emily Thomas (c) 2013. Emily Thomas is merely a pen name for a group of people writing for Guidepost. It was really written by Kristin Eckhardt. I don’t see the point of this pen name idea. Why not say the real author’s name or names? Why even reveal it in the back of the book? This is a Guideposts published book, so you know it’s centered around the Methodist religion. If you are offended by the word God and any bible passages please pass it over. This was a nice friendly story about a woman named Anne Gibson who inherits her Aunt Edie Summer’s old Victorian home. She was instructed to renovate the house into a library for the small town of Blue Hill in Pennsylvania. Half the home is being converted into living quarters for Anne and her 9 year old son Ben  and 5 year old daughter Liddy. As the roof caves in a secret room is discovered where Aunt Edie apparently did some writing. There in the room Anne finds a wedding photo of Aunt Edie and a mystery man. Considering no one knew Aunt Edie had married it came as a shock and Anne spends the whole book trying to find the man Aunt Edie was married to and get the story out of him. Well I’m not going to give the ending away, you know how I hate doing that? LOL

NOTE: I really enjoyed this laid back book. There could have been a romance between Anne and her home renovator… but…  There’s a sequel to this book, sounds like another mini mystery.


BLOSSOM STREET BRIDES by Debbie Macomber, (c) 2014. I’m really enjoying this book. Macomber’s characters are always interesting and I haven’t read one of her books in quite a while. This one involves Lauren Elliot, a thirty-something woman in love with a handsome new anchor. He keeps putting off getting married and I guess it was just too much for Lauren to take. Now she’s gone and met the perfect man and broken off her relationship with her boyfriend Todd.

Newly married Bethanne Scranton has a long distance marriage and her ex-husband Grant keeps trying to sabotage it. But Beth and Max truly love each other so I have no doubt the marriage with last. Meanwhile Bethanne’s going to become a grandmother and has a baby blanket to knit as she meets up weekly with her friend’s in Lydia’s yarn shop called A GOOD YARN.

As for Lydia, she has a happy marriage but her adopted 15 year old daughter is having nightmares, and she doesn’t know what to do about it quite yet.

NOTE: Of course I am enjoying this book!

DAYBREAK by Shelly Shepard Gray

DAYBREAK by Shelly Shepard Gray, (c) 2013. This author seems to write AMISH themed books. I read one of her others and liked it, so I gave this one a try. This is a dysfunctional Amish family drama. It involves new and old order Amish and involves the mother of the main character being “Englisher” and keeping it a secret from the children. It also shows me different ways the modern Amish live and think. The main character Viola Keim is 22 years old and working in a retirement assisted living facility. She falls in love with a resident’s son. Need I say more? I probably said to much already.

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL COOKBOOK by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson and Diana von Welanetz Wentworth

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL COOKBOOK by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson and Diana von Welanetz Wentworth, (c) 1995.

This book is a collection of memories involving food. Usually they are happy memories of family favorites, or just a quirky true story involving food including a recipe or two. I enjoy reading the recipes at the end of each story. Perhaps I’ll copy some of them down to make myself!

WILD MAN CREEK by Robyn Carr

WILD MAN CREEK , A Virgin River Novel by Robyn Carr, (c) 2011. Virgin River seems to a stopping off place for people who want to start over. In this story Jillian Matlock was all caught up in her corporate world life in a sexual harassment case. Unfortunately she’s being framed by a man she thought she was having a relationship with, but ti was kind of stupid starting a relationship with a subordinate you have working under you, no matter how handsome and kind he may seem. Now she’s taking a leave of absence and can well afford to spend a half a year in the country where she’s started a major sized vegetable garden or should I say organic farm. This woman has a A type personality and she goes whole hog in all her projects. She’s a mover and a shaker. Meanwhile she meets Colin Riordan. A man recovering from a helicopter crash. His bones are held together with pins and rods right now and he’s in a lot of pain. He was even hooked on pain killers for a time and got in trouble on that subject. Anyway he’s here to paint. He’s an artist and these two 30 something people have met and of course get along well.  So yeah it’s a predictable love story, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.


THE SECRET KEEPER by Kate Morton, (c) 2012. This little family drama is set in the English countryside, London and Australia. It starts out in the 1960’s. An older actress named Laurel Nicholson is searching for the truth behind a murder she watched her mother commit when she was a 16 year old watching from a tree-house on a hot summer day in 1961. Laurel is an older now, and it’s been 50 years since her mom murdered that strange man. Her mother is now approaching 90 years of age and her 4 daughters are arranging her birthday party to be held in the hospital, but her mother’s time on earth is nearly at an end and Laurel and her only brother Gerry who was a mere 2 years old at the time of the murder are trying to find out the truth of what happened that day in 1961. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more novels by Kate Morton!