FRIENDSHIP BREAD by Darien Gee, 2001/2010. This is a novel about the friendships of several women in the small town of Avalon. First there’s Leon, an elderly widower. I’m not quite sure he has to do with the other characters in the book. There’s Julia a depressed mother who’s only son died of some allergic reaction 6 years earlier, she’s living in a fog of sadness and neglecting her family it seems. Then there’s her sister Livvy who hasn’t talked to Julia since Julia’s son died. We also met Julia’s husband Mark and her daughter in an earlier scene. Why aren’t Julia and Livvy speaking to each other? I have yet to find out. Then there’s also Hannah Wang an American Asian wife and concert cellist, who’s perfectionist, violinist husband Phillipe de Brisnay is divorcing her. And last but not least 70 year old Madeline who owns the runs a Tea Salon, where two of the other characters have just walked into and seem to be settling into a fragrant Portobello mushroom and spinach quiche with a wonderful sounding salad on the side.

Have you ever made Friendship Bread and passed out the 4 bags of starter for your friends? Well there’s a recipe for the starter and bread in the back of the book if you care to start up another friendly bake off. I’m happy to see recipe variations for the starter which I would seriously enjoy better than the original I made a few decades ago. There’s also recipes for Brownies, Pancakes and Biscuits using the starter. I admit I already have a wonderful recipe for Yeast Pancakes which I make since I usually have no pancake mix in the house, so I imagine that recipe is one I’d like to try.

NOTE: So far I’m enjoying the book.

I actually went to a local short lived tea room once. I enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich on a nutty 12 grain type bread, and the cole slaw served in a 6 OZ tea cup. None of the fancy China dishes matched, and the mismatched chairs were so cute! I loved the place! I was so inspired I created the owners a Folk Art sign. It had the name of the tea room and had a tea pot and tea cups around the lettering. It was fun to make. Wish I had a photo to show you!


2 thoughts on “FRIENDSHIP BREAD by Darien Gee

  1. Someone gave me some of the starter for Friendship Cake years ago, and I made it once or twice. I’m guessing that it was similar to what is used to make Friendship Bread.

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