THE LIARS’ CLUB by Mary Karr

THE LIARS’ CLUB by Mary Karr, (1995/1996).  I have another memoir here, my cousin picked it up for me in her neck of the woods at a library book sale, seeing as how I love trade paperbacks to find new writers. This one is supposed to be rather entertaining about a “crazy family tormented by unspoken sorrows.” It’s supposed to be hard to put down.

This real life story happened in a Texas oil town, and the writer was raped in the schoolyard. Oh no, it sounds rather sad with a little cancer, madness and alcoholism and a vicious dog thrown in. It’s supposed to be humorous too? Well I’ll be danged!  I’ll have to let you know if I like it. The last memoir was too sad for me.

NOTE: I didn’t finish reading this sad story. By the way why are most memoirs SAD?


6 thoughts on “THE LIARS’ CLUB by Mary Karr

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing if you liked this book. It will be interesting to see if the book managed to be “entertaining” in spite of all the sad events.

  2. I did not see this book as being overwhelmingly sad in total. Mary Karr’s beautiful prose is reason enough to read and finish this book. The book is also sprinkled with absolutely hilarious scenarios. This book is my very favorite memoir!

  3. If you like beautiful, descriptive writing, you should really like Mary’s work. I also liked Angela’s Ashes… Basically anything by Frank McCourt. Mary’s second memoir, Cherry, is very very good as well. She has gotten a lot of praise from her third memoir, Lit. I just have a soft spot for The Liars’ Club, I guess. 😉

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