NARCISSA by Julie Penny

NARCISSA by Julie Penny, 1985. This 20 year old paperback has such tiny type that I put off reading it for months! But I do enjoy a good pioneer story every now and then so I am going to finish the book anyway!  It’s 1836 and nineteen year old Narcissa Peterson agrees to marry Marcus Pittman who is a medical doctor with missionary interests who is traveling out to the Northwest Territory to heal and minister to the Indians along with a Presbyterian minister  named Henry Fielding and his wife Elizabeth who becomes a good friend to the artistic Narcissa. Now they areal journeying west with a group of fur trappers and many of the men they work with and meet disapprove of bringing women out west, as the trip is too hard on them.  As you may know it’s a very hard life traveling out west-a mere 20 or so miles a day and takes several months to accomplish it.


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