THE VALLEY OF LIGHT by Terry Kay, (2003). This old trade paperback was written by the author of TO DANCE WITH THE WHITE DOG. Remember the old Hallmark movie starring Hume Cronin and his wife Jessica Tandy? This story is about a wandering WWII Army veteran named Noah Locke. A man named Hoke Moore told Noah about a town called Bowerstown also known as the VALLEY OF LIGHT where they had a yearly  “Fish-off” or fishing contest is held. Noah it seems has a natural talent or should I say magical touch for calling fish to his hook. Eventually he found is way there, and the folks noticed his natural abilities right away. Just recently he met a young army widow named Eleanor who has fed him a meal before and after he buried one of her old cows he put out of her misery. That’s as far as I got in the end of the 4th chapter. So far I’m finding the book rather charming! Do you think you’ll like it? It doesn’t rush into things though.

NOTE: This book was written by a man, and an old fashioned one at that! I can’t say as I liked the ending, but you’ll have that in life… I still recommend you read it especially if you like to fish.


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