THE WOMEN of PRIMROSE CREEK by Linda Lael Miller

THE WOMEN OF PRIMROSE CREEK by Linda Lael Miller, (2000).  This is the 4 part book with a story for each character.  About four cousins who inherit a vast tract of land in Nevada Territory. To be split between two sisters; Bridget, a widow with a 3 year old son named Noah and her younger sister Skye and their cousins Christy and Megan.  The four cousins were raised on their grandfather’s farm in Virginia, but unfortunately the girls lost that after he died. Their only thing to do was go on a wagon train to the land they inherited in Nevada. Christy and Megan were living a miserable life in England with their mother until she died leaving them penniless. Now they have traveled to Nevada to join their cousins and take up residence on their inherited land.

Considering the is a Linda Lael Miller book the sex was toned down some, which makes me happy. So consider it 4 short stories each about 140 pages long and they are all interwoven with the story line. I’m half way done with it, and it’s not a bad book at that!


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