QUITE A YEAR FOR PLUMS by Bailey White, (1998). Well this 17 year old book  has a nice cover with plums and a hen and a rooster… it’s even in large print! Right up my alley! It claims to be “heartbreakingly tender and often hilarious”. Now that’s my kind of book! This is a story about peculiar yet lovable people who live in a small Georgia town. First there is Roger, a “peanut pathologist” (What does THAT mean? I ask you). It seems half the women in town love Roger. Then there’s his ex-mother-in-law Louise who has been trying to attract space aliens with her friend an ardent typographer. Delia is a bird artist who really makes Rogers heart thrum, and she really intrigues Roger with her sensible but enigmatic notes she leaves at the Dumpster. What the heck is “the Dumpster” with a capital D?  Anyway.. I think I love this book already, I’ll have to let you know though)…


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