A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS by Sandra Dallas (2014). I know what you’re thinking! Why am I reading a Christmas themed book NOW? It’s not even Thanksgiving! Well, it’s a nice little hard cover book, literally! It’s smaller than the typical sized book and I’ll probably read it 2 days. I must admit it’s a nice little story starting out at Christmas time in the Civil War torn North where Eliza Spooner lives with her two children; Davy and Luzena. In the beginning Eliza had finished up making a patriotic quilt for the husband Will who is off fighting in the war.  It’s got red and white stripes with a border of white stars on a blue background. She also embroidered his name”William Thomas Spooner, Wabaunsee County, Kansas, 1864″ just above the binding, and she added her own name too: “Eliza Spooner” Then she had it sent to him via a friend who was traveling to the army camp.

It’s proving to be a nice little story and you won’t be sorry you read it. Eliza has taken in the small family of her best friend Missouri Ann Stark who just found she was a widow at the same time Eliza sent out the quilt. Then Missouri Ann begged Eliza to please take her and her infant Nance now that she was a widow for her husbands lazy family were a horror to live with and she had to get away before she ended up married to her deceased husbands brother- One-legged Edison. In the end Eliza agrees to take her and her baby in, just as soon as she could slip away without them suspecting anything.

Well that’s where the story rests for now. I will continue to enjoy the rest of the book I’m very sure!


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