BUFFALO VALLEY by Debbie Macomber

BUFFALO VALLEY by Debbie Macomber, (2010). Buffalo Valley is a nice little small town located in North Dakota. Vaughn Kyle was hired by a conglomerate which had plans to move in and upset the laid back lifestyle of the sleepy little town. Vaughn wanted to meet the woman who’s son he was named after Hassie Knight, the owner of the pharmacy. Once he arrives he meets Carrie Hendrickson the pharmacy intern and he falls in love.  Meanwhile he also falls in love with the little town and ends up trying to save it from ruination by the conglomerate he works for. Doesn’t it sound like a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?

NOTE: Guess what? I read this book a long time ago. Like most of Debbie Macomber books it’s very predictable, but it’s a nice little story. I am opting out of rereading it right now.


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