THE VALLEY OF LIGHT by Terry Kay, (2003). This old trade paperback was written by the author of TO DANCE WITH THE WHITE DOG. Remember the old Hallmark movie starring Hume Cronin and his wife Jessica Tandy? This story is about a wandering WWII Army veteran named Noah Locke. A man named Hoke Moore told Noah about a town called Bowerstown also known as the VALLEY OF LIGHT where they had a yearly  “Fish-off” or fishing contest is held. Noah it seems has a natural talent or should I say magical touch for calling fish to his hook. Eventually he found is way there, and the folks noticed his natural abilities right away. Just recently he met a young army widow named Eleanor who has fed him a meal before and after he buried one of her old cows he put out of her misery. That’s as far as I got in the end of the 4th chapter. So far I’m finding the book rather charming! Do you think you’ll like it? It doesn’t rush into things though.

NOTE: This book was written by a man, and an old fashioned one at that! I can’t say as I liked the ending, but you’ll have that in life… I still recommend you read it especially if you like to fish.

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown, (1987). I know this book is an oldie but it’s a goodie! Rusty Carlson is a beautiful woman who was stranded in the Alaskan wilderness when the small charter plane she was on crashes. She thought she was the only one who made it out alive until she heard a moaning inside the plane. Now there is one more survivor;  a Vietnam veteran named Cooper Landry, and the story is all about the two trying to make it our of there alive, in spite of Rusty’s leg injury. Will they fall in love? So far. it’s a good book.

THE WOMEN of PRIMROSE CREEK by Linda Lael Miller

THE WOMEN OF PRIMROSE CREEK by Linda Lael Miller, (2000).  This is the 4 part book with a story for each character.  About four cousins who inherit a vast tract of land in Nevada Territory. To be split between two sisters; Bridget, a widow with a 3 year old son named Noah and her younger sister Skye and their cousins Christy and Megan.  The four cousins were raised on their grandfather’s farm in Virginia, but unfortunately the girls lost that after he died. Their only thing to do was go on a wagon train to the land they inherited in Nevada. Christy and Megan were living a miserable life in England with their mother until she died leaving them penniless. Now they have traveled to Nevada to join their cousins and take up residence on their inherited land.

Considering the is a Linda Lael Miller book the sex was toned down some, which makes me happy. So consider it 4 short stories each about 140 pages long and they are all interwoven with the story line. I’m half way done with it, and it’s not a bad book at that!


QUITE A YEAR FOR PLUMS by Bailey White, (1998). Well this 17 year old book  has a nice cover with plums and a hen and a rooster… it’s even in large print! Right up my alley! It claims to be “heartbreakingly tender and often hilarious”. Now that’s my kind of book! This is a story about peculiar yet lovable people who live in a small Georgia town. First there is Roger, a “peanut pathologist” (What does THAT mean? I ask you). It seems half the women in town love Roger. Then there’s his ex-mother-in-law Louise who has been trying to attract space aliens with her friend an ardent typographer. Delia is a bird artist who really makes Rogers heart thrum, and she really intrigues Roger with her sensible but enigmatic notes she leaves at the Dumpster. What the heck is “the Dumpster” with a capital D?  Anyway.. I think I love this book already, I’ll have to let you know though)…

Lesbian Sex…

Did that get your attention? LOL See, that’s all it takes to grab reader’s attention.. a few words about passion. Well I attempted to read a lesbian love story, and although it was not much different from a straight person’s love story, the sex part kind of threw me off it, although a man can have the same kind of sex as two women. I mean he has a mouth and fingers too…. well anyway… I just skimmed over it and set it aside after reading the happy ending. Then I picked up a book my cousin bought for me at her local library book sale… it’s called  QUITE A YEAR FOR PLUMS. I’ll write up a post for it….

ONE NIGHT by Debbie Macomber

ONE NIGHT by Debbie Macomber, (1994/2010). Okay this is an OLDIE but a goodie. You know when a character reminds you of yourself? Well that’s what has happened here, this woman reminds me of my own uncensored self. Carrie Jamison is a morning DJ at KUTE radio station. She doesn’t get along with the news anchor Kyle Harris, and they will both be fired if they don’t start getting along. Carries is a laid back girl and Kyle is an uptight man in a suit. Here’s how Kyle and Carrie describe each other in the beginning of the story as they are having lunch to discuss ways to get along and keep their jobs. They agree they respect each other professionally but it goes downhill from there when Carrie suggests;

“I might be putting my foot in my mouth by saying this but it seems to me it’d help if you learned to relax.” Carrie says. “You know Let your hair down once in a while and stop being so serious.” Meanwhile Kyle’s ears are turning red, then his face and neck as he gets angry.

Kyle replies with “Perhaps you should look at yourself before throwing stones.” But Carries tells him to go ahead and speak his mind. So he does; “You don’t think before you speak. You say whatever comes to your mind, without censoring the thought. And while we’re on the subject–” He stopped abruptly and she urged him to go on. “You’re immature and stubborn as a two year old,” he continued, “and you haven’t got a sensible thought in your head.” Carrie goes on the point out Kyle’s arrogance.

Well to make a long story short. They agree to go to a Radio Broadcaster’s convention together to make more of an effort to get along, and they spend one passion filled night together, and now Kyle feels obliged to make an honest woman of her.

NOTE: Does that mean Carrie got pregnant? I’m not sure. LOL I always did enjoy Debbie Macomber’s books and this one certainly has a different theme.


A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS by Sandra Dallas (2014). I know what you’re thinking! Why am I reading a Christmas themed book NOW? It’s not even Thanksgiving! Well, it’s a nice little hard cover book, literally! It’s smaller than the typical sized book and I’ll probably read it 2 days. I must admit it’s a nice little story starting out at Christmas time in the Civil War torn North where Eliza Spooner lives with her two children; Davy and Luzena. In the beginning Eliza had finished up making a patriotic quilt for the husband Will who is off fighting in the war.  It’s got red and white stripes with a border of white stars on a blue background. She also embroidered his name”William Thomas Spooner, Wabaunsee County, Kansas, 1864″ just above the binding, and she added her own name too: “Eliza Spooner” Then she had it sent to him via a friend who was traveling to the army camp.

It’s proving to be a nice little story and you won’t be sorry you read it. Eliza has taken in the small family of her best friend Missouri Ann Stark who just found she was a widow at the same time Eliza sent out the quilt. Then Missouri Ann begged Eliza to please take her and her infant Nance now that she was a widow for her husbands lazy family were a horror to live with and she had to get away before she ended up married to her deceased husbands brother- One-legged Edison. In the end Eliza agrees to take her and her baby in, just as soon as she could slip away without them suspecting anything.

Well that’s where the story rests for now. I will continue to enjoy the rest of the book I’m very sure!