WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Hope Ramsay,(2011). I picked this book up yesterday and it sounded very familiar! Yes, It’s one I read before but it’s not listed in my Journal or in here, so I’ll tell you about it! This is the story of a big old sexy yet sensitive man named Clay and he meets up with a woman named Mary who’s run away from the loan sharks who are after her boyfriend, (if you wanna call him that), for some money he owes them. Meanwhile the loan sharks stole the $2,000.00 she had saved up, and being that she was scared of them she grabbed her purse and a few things and took off on a bus and ended up in LAST CHANCE, South Carolina. As soon as she arrived Mary went to the only place open, a bar where Clay was playing the fiddle in a band. Well to make a long story short, they hooked up and had some great sex. After she woke up Mary looks in his wallet to find out what his name was.. (after all she slept with him, she deserved to know). So he thinks she’s trying to steal his money, but she really wasn’t. So he grabs his wallet out of her hand after she reads his name on his license and looks through her purse to find out who she really is. He and finds out she’s been using an alias, Her real name is Wanda Jane Coblentz. Jane is really a nice girl who’s gotten in some tough situations. and she and Clay are so attracted to each other. Clay’s daddy talks to angels, and owns a Christian mini golf course with a giant Jesus and Noah’s ark.  Even Clay’s niece sees a crying angel.. Now doesn’t this sound like an inviting story? I really enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too! I hate giving away too much of the story like some book reader’s blogs do. I also hate analyzing a book, that’s too much work. Go ahead read it! I give it two thumbs up.


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