FLY AWAY by Kristin Hannah

FLY AWAY by Kristin Hannah, (2013). This story sounds so familiar to me, yet it was published in 2013, so it can’t be! Nonetheless I am reading it anyway. Perhaps someday I will come across the book it reminds me of.

This sad story starts out with the cancer death of a much loved wife and mother named Kate Ryan.  Kate and her best childhood friend Tully Hart (who is now a famous actress), were not on speaking terms during her illness and death. (I personally can’t imagine holding a grudge that long.) Since her death Kate’s little family has gone downhill with their grief. Here it is 4 years later and her daughter Marah, now age 20 has run away from home and is talking to the tabloids about Tully’s drug addictions. Tully is not fairing very well and is in critical condition in a nearby hospital where Kate’s widower husband has been sent word of Tully’s condition due to her having only  Kate’s name and address in her purse. Well that’s as far as I got. Tully is having an OBE (Out of body experience)- there in the hospital as she codes out several times, and of course she see’s and talks to Kate’s spirit. That is as far as I got. I don’t want to tell you anymore and ruin the book for you. Maybe you should read this book. It’s proving to be a good read so far.


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