STILL LIFE WITH BREAD CRUMBS by Anna Quindlen, (2014). This story is moving right along! It’s about an older divorced lady photographer. She’s about 60 years old and she can’t afford to live in New York City anymore since she is not as popular as she once was as a young photographer. Rebecca Winter is a Jewish woman who was forced to rent out her New York apartment for income while she lives out in the New York countryside. Once there she meets up with Jim Bates a roofer who’s simple honesty and view on life in general is very appealing to Rebecca. He happens to be younger than her, I’m not sure how much. This is proving to be an interesting yet uncomplicated story.

THESE THINGS HIDDEN by Heather Gudenkauf

THESE THINGS HIDDEN by Heather Gudenkauf, (2011).

When Allison Glenn was a teenager she was a popular golden girl in high school until she’s sent to prison for ten years for as heinous crime she committed before she graduated. Meanwhile her sister and parents have to live in the same town and it gets rough. Her younger sister Brynn can’t take it anymore, and she leaves town to live with her grandma, and even after five years Brynn isn’t happy taking medication (For what? I don’t know, depression? anxiety?)Then after five years Allison is released from prison for good behavior and she’s in a half way house looking for a job and trying to contact her sister who refuses to talk to her. Meanwhile Allison is working in a book store and the owner has a five year old adopted son. I’m trying to figure out how he is woven into the story. Meanwhile I AM enjoying this book. Why not give it a try?

NO GREAT MISCHIEF by Alistair Macleod

NO GREAT MISCHIEF by Alistair McLeod (2001). I am always drawn to Historical Novels. This one peaked my interest because of the Scottish family involved. You see I have a drop of Scottish blood in my veins thanks to Great Grandma Charlotte Ferguson, who married Great Grandpa Ziba Sickler in 1851. As usual I’m getting off track here.

From the Author’s summary: NO GREAT MISCHIEF is about Calum MacDonald who set sail in exile in 1799 from the Highlands of Scotland with his wife and twelve children, along with the dog who would not be left behind and swam after the departing boat. After a catastrophic crossing he landed in the New World at Cape Breton, by which time he had become a widower and a grandfather.

Now when you read the first page you will notice the story is taking place 200 years in the future where it tells the story of another MacDonald. This one is named Alexander and he is orphaned by an  accident on the ice. There in Cape Breton two stories unfold involving the MacDonald clan. There is Gaelic language in this book that I am unfamiliar with, so it will be interesting (I hope), to find out what unfolds.


WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Hope Ramsay,(2011). I picked this book up yesterday and it sounded very familiar! Yes, It’s one I read before but it’s not listed in my Journal or in here, so I’ll tell you about it! This is the story of a big old sexy yet sensitive man named Clay and he meets up with a woman named Mary who’s run away from the loan sharks who are after her boyfriend, (if you wanna call him that), for some money he owes them. Meanwhile the loan sharks stole the $2,000.00 she had saved up, and being that she was scared of them she grabbed her purse and a few things and took off on a bus and ended up in LAST CHANCE, South Carolina. As soon as she arrived Mary went to the only place open, a bar where Clay was playing the fiddle in a band. Well to make a long story short, they hooked up and had some great sex. After she woke up Mary looks in his wallet to find out what his name was.. (after all she slept with him, she deserved to know). So he thinks she’s trying to steal his money, but she really wasn’t. So he grabs his wallet out of her hand after she reads his name on his license and looks through her purse to find out who she really is. He and finds out she’s been using an alias, Her real name is Wanda Jane Coblentz. Jane is really a nice girl who’s gotten in some tough situations. and she and Clay are so attracted to each other. Clay’s daddy talks to angels, and owns a Christian mini golf course with a giant Jesus and Noah’s ark.  Even Clay’s niece sees a crying angel.. Now doesn’t this sound like an inviting story? I really enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too! I hate giving away too much of the story like some book reader’s blogs do. I also hate analyzing a book, that’s too much work. Go ahead read it! I give it two thumbs up.

GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen

GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen, (2007).

The Waverley’s of Bascom, North Carolina have always been somewhat “magical”. Their apple tree bears prophetic fruit. Their flowers are edible and get incorporated in various foods the caterer Claire Waverley adds to her recipes. And old Evanelle distributes unexpected gifts to people as if knowing they will be needed in the future. Claire’s sister Sydney ran away from Bascom when she turned 18 just as their own mother abandoned Caire and Sydney, but now she’s returning with a young daughter of her own after running away from an abusive spouse, and she’s upset Claire’s quiet life. The sister’s have some problems to overcome before they settle into a happy life.

NOTE: I AM enjoying this book, go ahead and give it a try. 


SNOW MELTS IN SPRING by Deborah Vogts, (2009). I’m almost done reading this book, and I figured I better get it listed in the blog! In this story Mattie Evans grew up the Flint Hills of Kansas. She love living on the grassy plains where she grew up. Her parents lost their ranch but Mattie returned to her hometown to run her veterinary practice. Meanwhile her love interest is Gi; McCray a soon t be retire football Quarter Back. It’s a Christian based story so if you don’t like the protestant religion overtones you might as well not read it. It wasn’t saturated with scripture quotes so I enjoyed the book well enough. I would try another of Deborah Vogts books.

FLY AWAY by Kristin Hannah

FLY AWAY by Kristin Hannah, (2013). This story sounds so familiar to me, yet it was published in 2013, so it can’t be! Nonetheless I am reading it anyway. Perhaps someday I will come across the book it reminds me of.

This sad story starts out with the cancer death of a much loved wife and mother named Kate Ryan.  Kate and her best childhood friend Tully Hart (who is now a famous actress), were not on speaking terms during her illness and death. (I personally can’t imagine holding a grudge that long.) Since her death Kate’s little family has gone downhill with their grief. Here it is 4 years later and her daughter Marah, now age 20 has run away from home and is talking to the tabloids about Tully’s drug addictions. Tully is not fairing very well and is in critical condition in a nearby hospital where Kate’s widower husband has been sent word of Tully’s condition due to her having only  Kate’s name and address in her purse. Well that’s as far as I got. Tully is having an OBE (Out of body experience)- there in the hospital as she codes out several times, and of course she see’s and talks to Kate’s spirit. That is as far as I got. I don’t want to tell you anymore and ruin the book for you. Maybe you should read this book. It’s proving to be a good read so far.