THE HOMECOMING by Joann Ross, (2010). Joanna Ross is a decent writer, I’ve read a few of her books. This story is about a former Navy SEAL named Sax Douchett. What is ‘Sax’ a nickname for? Saxon? Sax has just returned home to his native town of Shelter Bay, Oregon, determined to put the war behind him, but that’s hard to do when everyone calls him a hero every time they see him. He adopted a dog from some bikers on his way home. So we know Sax has a kind heart. While taking a walk on the beach the dog, named Velcro, digs something up that must be brought to the police’s attention. And who steps out of the police car but Sheriff Kara Conway a hometown girl Sax remembered as being sweet 17. Nowadays Kara is a widow raising her 8 year old son Trey. So now we know there’s a romance started we can get on with the book. Besides the mystery of the bones buried at the beach Kara has her own secret. Can you guess what it is? I can! But of course the secret threatens to ruin their relationship.


2 thoughts on “THE HOMECOMING by Joann Ross

  1. This sounds like a fun book. (Now that I’ve written this, I realize that “fun” might not be exactly the right word since it a mystery and deals with the struggles of a veteran, but you know what I mean.).

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