THE STONE FOREST by Karen Harper

THE STONE FOREST by Karen Harper, (2002). The story takes place in Stone County, Indiana, in a stone quarry town. Jenna and Amanda Kirk are kidnapped 15 years earlier on Jenna’s 16th birthday. They seem to be taped up in some cave. Soon after Jenna is drugged  and 18 year old Mandy is never seen again as she is led away screaming. Later Jenna is found wandering alone with no memory of what happened. Now here Jenna is at age 30 come back to her old hometown to finally find out what really happened to her sister Mandy. Although someone seems to trying to scare Jenna away. She may have to explore the labyrinthine caves to find out the answer. Jenna’s mother is some sort of politician, and I don’t usually enjoy books with major politics in the storyline.  I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes though. This book seems familiar so I may have read it before.


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