THREE SISTERS by Susan Mallery

THREE SISTERS by Susan Mallery, 2013. The Three Sisters are 3 Queen Anne houses located side by side on Blackberry Island in Washington State..

Boston King is an artist and she lives in one with her husband who does home repairs and renovations, she recently lost a baby boy named Liam to crib death.

Andi Gordon a 32 year old single doctor who was just stood up at the alter just moved into the middle house. She’s having the home renovated into a Pediatricians office and she will live above it on the second and third floor attic.

Deanna Phillips is living in the one on the other end with her husband Colin and their 5 daughters. Their marriage seems to be falling apart and she feels rather unloved right now. She’s a control freak who needs to learn how to “Go with the flow”.

NOTE: So far I’m enjoying the book! I always like Susan Mallery’s writing style!


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