LIKE DANDELION DUST by Karen Kingsbury

LIKE DANDELION DUST by Karen Kingsbury, (2006). There is no summary of the story on the back of this paperback, nor is there one on the first page. Here’s the “front matter” as I see it:

Page 1.  Book Title.

Page 2.  Blank

Page 3 Title Page

Page 4.  Copyright Page

(There is NO SUMMARY to tell you about the book! Just a dedication, then a acknowledgement, and a Forever in Fiction announcement before the real story starts, but you have no idea what it’s about other than the little boy on the cover. After reading a few pages let me tell you, this is about a 4 year old boy named Joey who was adopted by a couple in Florida named Molly and Jack Campbell, and their family is a very happy one so far. Meanwhile the lady who gave him up for adoption is finally reunited with her baby’s  father who just got released from a 5 year prison term and he most likely won’t be happy to find out her had a son and he was given away. I dread to find out if he beats her up or even kills her… Meanwhile I won’t give any more of the story away okay?


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