THE MARRIAGE PACT by Linda Lael Miller

THE MARRIAGE PACT by Linda Lael Miller, 2014. This Harlequin romance promises to be full of sizzling sex because most of  Linda Lael Miller’s books are. This is the story of Hadleigh Stevens, who’s wedding at age 18 is interrupted by Tripp Galloway, her brother’s best friend. You see he didn’t want her to make a big mistake. Here it is 10 years later and Hadleigh is finally ready to find Mr. Right, but a divorced Tripp continues meddling in that project too, and she finds she’s just as attracted to Tripp as she always was in the past. You see Tripp has come home to help his ailing father with his ranch, and he has decided he wants Hadleigh all to himself.

NOTE: I don’t think I’m going to read this at this time. I don’t seems to like it after all. I’ll just save for something to read when I desperate for a book to read.


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