THE HOMECOMING by Joann Ross, (2010). Joanna Ross is a decent writer, I’ve read a few of her books. This story is about a former Navy SEAL named Sax Douchett. What is ‘Sax’ a nickname for? Saxon? Sax has just returned home to his native town of Shelter Bay, Oregon, determined to put the war behind him, but that’s hard to do when everyone calls him a hero every time they see him. He adopted a dog from some bikers on his way home. So we know Sax has a kind heart. While taking a walk on the beach the dog, named Velcro, digs something up that must be brought to the police’s attention. And who steps out of the police car but Sheriff Kara Conway a hometown girl Sax remembered as being sweet 17. Nowadays Kara is a widow raising her 8 year old son Trey. So now we know there’s a romance started we can get on with the book. Besides the mystery of the bones buried at the beach Kara has her own secret. Can you guess what it is? I can! But of course the secret threatens to ruin their relationship.

EVIDENCE OF LIFE by Barbara Taylor Sissel

EVIDENCE OF LIFE by Barbara Taylor Sissel, (2013). I could not put this book down! I started it yesterday morninig and I’m nearly finished with it! It’s a good read!

Abby thinks she has a perfect marriage, a handsome husband and two children Jake who’s in college and Lindsey who’s a 16 year old in Sr. high school. But then her husband and daughter who were on their way to a camping site came up missing after a major Texas flood. Now they are presumed dead but Abby keeps finding out odd details of her husband’s life. Who stole her husband’s leather jacket after he came up missing? This book will not disappoint you, I have about 30 pages to read yet, and I’m not exercising like I should or doing my chores!, but I will have to finish the book later!


THE LEMON ORCHARD by Luanne Rice, (2013). I really do love Luanne Rice’s books! and this one is proving to be a good read also! You won’t be sorry you read it! This story is about a young middle aged widow who lost her soon to be ex-husband Peter and her 16 year old daughter in a car accident 5 years earlier in Massachusetts. Now in the present time Julia is in Miami, Florida house-sitting and watching over their family lemon grove for her grandmother Graciela and step grandfather while they go on genealogical based vacation to Ireland.  Meanwhile, here in Florida Julia meets Roberto who also lost a daughter. I am not going to tell you what happened to her. Just read the book

THE STONE FOREST by Karen Harper

THE STONE FOREST by Karen Harper, (2002). The story takes place in Stone County, Indiana, in a stone quarry town. Jenna and Amanda Kirk are kidnapped 15 years earlier on Jenna’s 16th birthday. They seem to be taped up in some cave. Soon after Jenna is drugged  and 18 year old Mandy is never seen again as she is led away screaming. Later Jenna is found wandering alone with no memory of what happened. Now here Jenna is at age 30 come back to her old hometown to finally find out what really happened to her sister Mandy. Although someone seems to trying to scare Jenna away. She may have to explore the labyrinthine caves to find out the answer. Jenna’s mother is some sort of politician, and I don’t usually enjoy books with major politics in the storyline.  I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes though. This book seems familiar so I may have read it before.

THREE SISTERS by Susan Mallery

THREE SISTERS by Susan Mallery, 2013. The Three Sisters are 3 Queen Anne houses located side by side on Blackberry Island in Washington State..

Boston King is an artist and she lives in one with her husband who does home repairs and renovations, she recently lost a baby boy named Liam to crib death.

Andi Gordon a 32 year old single doctor who was just stood up at the alter just moved into the middle house. She’s having the home renovated into a Pediatricians office and she will live above it on the second and third floor attic.

Deanna Phillips is living in the one on the other end with her husband Colin and their 5 daughters. Their marriage seems to be falling apart and she feels rather unloved right now. She’s a control freak who needs to learn how to “Go with the flow”.

NOTE: So far I’m enjoying the book! I always like Susan Mallery’s writing style!


THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING by Laura Moriarty, (2003). Here is another Coming of age story that takes place in the Midwest. Kerrville, Kansas to be exact. 10 year old Evelyn Bucknow is living with her single mother who’s finding it hard to cope with loosing her job, loosing her car and an unwanted pregnancy.  The poor girl has a crappy life.. Are you up for reading about it? The writing is good so maybe you won’t mind. Let’s see if they come out on top.

ALL I WANT IS YOU A Coral Cove Novel by Tori Blake

ALL I WANT IS YOU; A Coral Cove Novel by Toni Blake, (2014). 24 year old Christy Knight grew up in Destiny Ohio, and she feels downtrodden and alone since her parents died in a housefire in town. She had to skip her final semester of college and get a full time job just to pay the bills. Christy wants to move back home for a while to make her jewelry, although that doesn’t pay the bills, so she decides she needs to find a man she can count on both financially and emotionally. Somehow she ends up in Coral Cove, where she mets Jack DuVall, who appears to be broke, but he’s really not.

NOTE: I’ll let you know if I like this one. I enjoy the writing style so far.