DANCE WITH ME by Luanne Rice

DANCE WITH ME by Luanne Rice, 2004/2005. Luanne Rice is one of my favorite authors, I can always count on her to entertain me. In fact I started this book this morning and I’m already on page 135 after half a days reading! So that means it’s a great book, but Rice’s usually are after all.

This is a nice family drama, about two sisters  Jane and Sylvie who come home to take care of their diabetic mother who also suffers from Alzheimer’s. The older sister Jane was forced by her mother to give her baby girl up for adoption 15 years earlier when she was a 20 year old college sophmore.  This decision tore her up so bad she quite college, moved out of town and seldom returned, since she was adopted by someone who lived in the same Rhode Island town.  Now Jane’s become a famous baker in NYC, and owns a bakery that caters to the stars called Calamity Bakery.  Jane’s daughter was adpoted by a childless couple who don’t get along very well. Chloe just met Jane and hasn’t noticed how much they look alike but I’m sure she will. Jane’s love interest is Chloe’s Uncle Dylan, who has some injury to his leg and he retired to his family’s apple orchard which he’s rennovating as a true business.

NOTE: Does this sould interesting you you? I hope so, it’s a good book so far.


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