The Same Old, Same Old Books

Do you get tired of reading the same old book themes? I do, you get locked into one prolific author and they are too predictable, too boring. I LOVE the old Nora Loft books, I have even read them over again in the past. I just love her historical details, that made me feel I was viewing real ancient English life from hundreds of years ago. I have yet to find as interesting a writer in this day and age. The lives of her characters were not easy but authentic I always felt. Plus I have English ancestors from the Gardner family who were colonists in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania so I feel a connection to their past. Besides I believe I lived in England in a past life.

As I got older I was attracted to quirky characters, and I admit they are much easier to find when so many more authors are writing books then ever before. They need quirky characters to hold our attention and interest! I admit I gravitate to historical novels since I’m an avid genealogist, but I also love a good down home book that makes me feel good. On occasion I’ll read a book with a dark plot or unhappy ending but they do make you feel Dark and or depressed sometimes.

NOTE: I don’t know how predictable my Book Reader Blog is for you folks, maybe I bore you too!?


3 thoughts on “The Same Old, Same Old Books

  1. The author I have always fallen back on is Mary Stewart. “The Ivy Tree” is my favorite. Sometimes I just want a well-written “comfort book” with a good plot, so I can Identify with your love of Norah Lofts.

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