ROANOKE The Lost Colony by Angela Elwell Hunt

ROANOKE The Lost Colony

ROANOKE The Lost Colony by Angela Elwell Hunt, (1996). This historical fiction book takes me back in time to 1587 in Roanoke, Virginia, where we get t0 imagine the lives of the lost Roanoke colony. In this story beautiful Jocelyn is shanghaied by her uncle John White to join his family on their trip to the “New World”.

Thomas Coleman, a young, handsome minister wants to go to America but has no money, so he strikes a deal with John White to win his niece Jocelyn’s hand in marriage or face fifteen years of servitude in Virginia. Thomas seems to be plagued by some secrets with which he deceives his future wife Together they have many adventures in the wilds of America.

I love a good historical novel, don’t you?

NOTE: I don’t know what to make of this book. The writer just made up the plot, because she didn’t know what REALLY happened to the Roanoke Colony. She surmised what happened. If the last quote is even true, I’m not sure about that even. Now to quell my curiosity I must to research to find out what REALLY happened!


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