MARTIN SLOAN by Michael Redhill

MARTIN SLOAN by Michael Redhill, (2001). This one is a BOOK OF THE YEAR WINNER chosen by Book Sense Independent Bookstores for Independent Minds. On the cover a critic named Michael Ondaatje claims the book is “A deeply moving first novel that reveals human truths with grace and humor. It is a book of constant surprises.” The story is about one Irishman named Martin Sloan who moves to Canada as a child and becomes an artist of sorts. He meets up with a young 20-year-old college student named Jolene Iolas and they become lovers. The story of the relationship spans 2 decades so it sounds interesting to me to read the ins and outs of an eccentric artist. After all aren’t we ALL eccentric? So here’s this young college girl who continues a relationship with Martin Sloan a “Box Artist”, who makes glass boxes full of his creations. He lives in Toronto, Canada and part of the time and he lives in New York with Jolene for a few weeks at a time, but he doesn’t want her to visit him in Canada. So we’re thinking “Does he have a wife there?”. It seems the year she turned 25, Martin Sloan walked out of her house and disappeared, never to seen again. Now what? I suppose she looks for him huh?

Here’s an excerpt of that time:

“When I was twenty-five the man I loved walked out of my home late one night and vanished. No one ever saw him again. There are no other words for this.” So now I’m at that point, he just disappeared from sight. I’ll have to let you know what I think later.

NOTE: This was an odd book with an odd ending!


2 thoughts on “MARTIN SLOAN by Michael Redhill

    • On occasion I read a book written by a MAN! (Of all things) LOL. Some of these books are not written with a woman in mind as a reader. I like a good adventure book or a quirky theme every once in a while.

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