EAT CAKE by Jeanne Ray

EAT CAKE by Jeanne Ray, 2003. I keep wanting to place the words “Let Them” in front of the title! This is Ruth’s story. Ruth finds cake baking to be a source of relief from her hectic life, and believe you me Ruth is pretty stressed out right now. Her husband just lost his job, her now fearful mother moved in with her a year ago after her door was literally broken down during a burglary. Now her life-of-the party father has moved in for an extended stay. On top of all that her teenage daughter just wants to sulk around and not do anything to help her family. I wonder if Ruth will open a bakery?

I think I’ll enjoy this book since I love to bake and my middle name is Ruth by the way. Ruth means “friend” in my Baby names book. Just a small insignificant fact. I love them there facts!

NOTE: This is a very nice book! Go ahead and read it, especially if you love to bake like I do.


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