COLD EARTH by Sarah Moss

COLD EARTH by Sarah Moss. This is an “Advanced Galley- Not for Sale copy. No Copyright date. A critic named Jane Smiley wrote on the cover: “Moss is such a master at evoking suspense… that readers will be tempted to turn to the end of the book to relieve anxieties. Try to control yourself.” Well I NEVER skip over text to the ending unless I’m bored with the book and curious about what happened before I toss it in the library donation pile. This story is about six archaeologists from the United States, England and Scotland who assembles at the beginning of the Arctic summer to unearth traces of the lost Viking settlements in Greenland. Due to an epidemic and communication problems they are all stuck in Greenland over the winter season. All ill equipped to survive there in the harsh climate. Nina, Ruth, Catriona, Jim, Ben and Yianni knowing they may never live to see their loved ones write final love letters to them. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

NOTE: Well some scary, other worldly things have been going on…. But I ain’t tellin’ ya what….

NOTE: I didn’t enjoy this book like I thought I would.


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