Library Book Sale

I went to a library book sale recently. On the first day of the sale you pay their price for the books: 50 cents for a paperback, a dollar for a trade paperback or an older hardcover, 2 dollars for a cookbook, (really? Only the big, newer ones are worth that much). And a newer hardcover can cost as much as 5 dollars or more. (I would never pay that price.) That day I came home with a few trade paperbacks and several romance paperbacks. Later that week I went to a thrift store and bought more romance paperbacks! Now I have a grocery bag full of them! Then last Saturday we went to the last day of the week long library book sale. That’s my favorite day to shop. I only had 5 bucks to spend so I bought a reusable plastic grocery bag to fill and my cousin bought a $10.00 box to fill and we traded, since I had a nice big wire cart on wheels to place the box on. Then I proceeded to fill it mainly with trade paperbacks, (my favorite way to find new, unknown authors). Now I have a box and a bag full of books to read, right now I’m reading THE GOOD HUSBAND by Gail Godwin, 1995. A story about a dying woman who’s about my own age… hmmm. Yes, I like quirky and unusual story lines because those romance novels at all alike, and yes I do read them too but a bit of quirky reading helps enliven my mind.


2 thoughts on “Library Book Sale

    • I don’t go to used bookstores at this time, although I did when I had more cash available, but it’s been over 10 years now since I last stepped foot in one. Now at the huge yearly book sale I go to hardcovers are $1.00 if they are older, but cost more (up to $7.00 or $8.00 for a new one, which I think is ridiculous! I would never pay that. Their Trade Paperbacks are $1.00, regular paperbacks are now $.50 as are children’s books. Recipe books are all $2.00 a piece which is outrageous too!

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