MUST THEE FIGHT by Lynmar Brock

MUST THEE FIGHT by Lynmar Brock, 2006. This is the story of Thomas Pratt a young Quaker man who joins the Revolutionary War with his two cousins, even though it goes against Quaker doctrines to fight. As I am unfamiliar with the Quaker lifestyle I found that very interesting. I was surprised with the premarital sex in the book though thinking the Quakers were more like the Amish perhaps, about purity in marriage? The story takes place in Pennsylvania, primarily in the town of Edgemont where Thomas Pratt lives, and also in Philadelphia where he goes to conduct business with his father, and in the surrounding areas where the fighting took place. The book was written by Lynmar Brock a modern Quaker who traces his roots back to William Penn and his start of our own Pennsylvania where my own roots are also grown deep with my own ancestors who also fought in the Revolutionary War. I admit I skimmed over the fighting scenes, and when the girl he had sex with 2 times gives birth to his baby out of wedlock I was surprised she didn’t confront his parents and demand he marry her. IN the end he marries someone else! (I’m VERY sorry for giving so much of the story away. I don’t usually do that.)

NOTE: If you enjoy historical novels, I suggest you read this book.


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