RUBY RIVER by Lynn Pruett

RUBY RIVER by Lynn Pruett, 2002. Why did I choose this book? Well it takes place in a diner, and the cover has a diner painting on it. I LOVE the informality of diner meals and get-togethers! And I’m lucky enough to go to a diner once week. Sadly the old diner in town will be closing up shop this year and the owner is getting on in years and wants to retire! In Maridoches, Alabama the widow Hattie Bohannon knocks down the old barn she owns and has a truck stop diner built, as a way of supporting her family. Her strong willed daughters are overflowing with sexuality and that attracts the attention of the truckers who fill up the diner everyday. One day Hattie’s daughter Jessamine is accused of prostitution and the town’s reverend declares war against the “immorality’ of the Brohanons and their establishment. The book is full of colorful characters which I’m sure to enjoy reading about in this little “war of wills” story.

NOTE: Reading about the heat and humidity it reminds of why I don’t want to live in Alabama or any other Southern state!


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