SEA GLASS ISLAND by Sherryl Woods

SEA GLASS ISLAND by Sherryl Woods, 2013. I’ll be the first to admit the most of Sherryl Woods books run on the same format. Southern sisters living by the sea, but I enjoy them, so I do read them. This one involves a New York City actress named Samantha Castle who’s down on her luck and a doctor who lived through a war and ended up with a prosthetic lower leg.  Ethan Cole moved back to town to start a practice with the man who’s marrying Samantha’s sister. Samantha whom she had a crush on Ethan in high school, so OF COURSE they will fall in love and get married, I KNOW that, but still I plan on reading it anyway. Happy endings are not a bad thing.

NOTE: This was of course a predicable book, but I enjoyed it anyway!


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