THE TENDERNESS OF WOLVES by Stef Penney, (C) 2006. This is a MYSTERY novel. I admit I NEVER read mysteries, but this one is different. The setting is in Canada in the year 1867, in the Northern territory, where a French trapper and voyageur named Laurent Jammet is brutally murdered in his own bed in a little cabin on Dove River in the town of Caulfield.

A local woman named Mrs. Ross stumbles on Jammet’s body when coming to inquire about her 17 year old son Francis who has come up missing, when she notices footsteps leading away from the cabin toward the forest and Tundra beyond.

AS time passes Francis becomes a suspect in the murder and several people begin looking for him in the wilderness, including Mrs. Ross herself and a native man who was imprisoned for the crime but gets out and wants to clear his name of the murder. Now the two are traveling together in their search for the boy.

NOTE: I am so surprised at my delight of the novel as I’m really enjoying it! Perhaps I’ll read more of Steff Penney’s  books in the future.


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