THE DEATH OF BEES by Lisa O’Donnell

THE DEATH OF BEES by Lisa O’Donnell, 2012. Okay I admit the title grabbed me first, it reminded me of the other bee book that became so popular; THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. This story takes place in Glasgow. Scotland and the setting intrigued me, but this is a whole other can of worms. Lots of “Fuck this and fuck that” in this book! Every other sentence has ‘fuck’ injected into it. Now I’m not a prude really, very open minded, but if that’s the way secretly orphaned children talk in their part of town fine, I can TRY to read it, but when it described how the kids secretly buried their parents so they wouldn’t be taken away from each other in foster care system, I was turned off. The father died in bed, still not sure how. Mom hangs herself in a shed out back. How can no one not see them bury there putrid bodies in the garden out back is beyond me. So the kids bury their parents and keep it a secret living with a neighbor eventually.

NOTE: I’m sorry but I don’t recommend this book. Described as a “GRIMLY COMIC TALE of three lost souls, unable to answer for themselves, can answer only for one another.”


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