ANGEL MINE, A Whispering Wind Novel by Sherryl Woods

ANGEL MINE, A Whispering Wind Novel by Sherryl Woods, 2000. I picked this one up because it didn’t sound familiar, as if I read it already and because of the little girl on the cover. I haven’t even read it as I said so I’ll tell you what the blurb on the back cover said.

“Heather Reed thought she was making the right choice when she decided to raise her daughter Angel, on her own. But three years alter, Heather realizes she needs help. Her career as an actress is faltering and Angel is more than she can handle alone. It’s time to track down Angel’s father. The only problem? Todd Winston doesn’t even know Angel exists.

Heather’s search leads her to Whispering Wind, Wyoming. If Todd Winston is dismayed to see his old girlfriend show up in town, he’s horrified when he looks into the angelic eyes of the little girl who is clearly his daughter.

Though there is no question at all of Angel’s paternity, Todd flatly refuses to open his life to Angel-and Heather flatly refuses to leave until she finds out why. Neither counts though, on their unexpected desire to become a family. The only question is – is it too late?”

NOTE: Now doesn’t that sound inviting?


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