STRANGERS IN PARADISE by Heather Graham, 2012. I don’t usually read these romance/suspense novels. This one starts out with a prolong in 1863 Florida of all places with a Civil War soldier named Pierre with a pregnant wife Eugenia and something about riches that glitter behind a brick wall… Then it reverts to modern day in the first chapter. Alexi Jordan inherits the mansion which is supposedly haunted. Her new neighbor Rex Morrow has appointed himself as her protector. I just wonder what he’s protecting her from?

NOTE: So.. it’s a typical romance suspense book.. Man and woman strongly attracted to reach other.. Woman was abused in previous relationship and fearful for her own safety and is alone in the old cobwebby, creaky mansion.. She hears footsteps on the stairs then screams.. man runs to save her.. then more creepy crawly and slithery things are let loose by the mean old person who wants her outta the house.. after all it’s full of hidden gold… or so the story goes.. LOL

Well I can predict the outcome of the book, but I’ll read it anyway..

NOTE: I COULDN’T STAND THIS BOOK, TOO PREDICTABLE.. I’m returning it to the library tomorrow.


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